Explore scenic beauty of Haizhu National Wetland Park in early summer

en.haizhu.gov.cn| Updated: Jun 05, 2024
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The Haizhu National Wetland Park in Guangzhou boasts pleasant scenery in early summer.

Known as the "central green heart" of Guangzhou, the Haizhu Wetland spans over 1,100 hectares, boasting not only high aesthetic appeal but also serving as a habitat for wildlife and a green shared space for the city's residents.


Haizhu National Wetland Park. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

Its ecological value is increasingly prominent, attracting numerous leading enterprises to the area and becoming an exemplary urban wetland model based on natural solutions.

The Haizhu Wetland harbors a millennium-old fruit-based agricultural culture, serving as a migratory route for birds, the birthplace of Lingnan fruits, and a hub for folk culture, and playing a comprehensive role in urban ecological services.

The wetland is divided into public access areas, restricted access areas, and core conservation zones, effectively managing and protecting wildlife habitats, ensuring nearly 20 million Guangzhou residents have access to green spaces, and achieving harmonious development between people and nature.

Following the principles of "micro-reconstruction, minimal intervention", Guangzhou is driving biodiversity conservation and restoration projects, creating urban natural habitats and promoting an annual increase in species diversity indices.

The wetland not only acts as a "water quality purifier" for the Pearl River but also helps regulate flooding issues in surrounding urban areas. In recent years, water quality within the wetland has improved, becoming a crucial indicator of ecological restoration in Guangzhou's urban environment.

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