Haizhu upgrades Jiangnan Culture, Commerce, Tourism Integration Zone

en.haizhu.gov.cn| Updated: May 31, 2024
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The newly unveiled landmark "Bishui Yaoxi" in Haizhu district, Guangzhou, introduces a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary urban living. Featuring attractions such as Ten Fragrance Garden, Guan Shanyue's former residence, and renowned traditional dining establishments, it embodies the essence of daily life infused with a poetic charm reminiscent of the Jiangnan region.

Haizhu has formulated the "Overall Plan for Haizhu Jiangnan Culture, Commerce, and Tourism Integration Zone", which encompasses diverse aspects of industry, space, and transportation. The goal is to cultivate the most dynamic commercial district in Guangzhou, with a range of comprehensive planning guidelines proposed.

Key components of this plan include the establishment of a "dual-axis and five-zone" industrial space, enhancement of consumer facilities, optimization of traffic organization, and vitalization of the district's gateway aesthetics. Additionally, the introduction of a community prosperity mechanism seeks to nurture a strong sense of belonging and local identity among residents.


Haizhu Jiangnan Culture, Commerce, and Tourism Integration Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

As a result of these efforts, the zone has garnered recognition as the "Fourth Batch of Provincial-level Demonstration Special Pedestrian Streets" in Guangdong province. This designation has guided the successful completion of several key projects within the district, elevating the planning and development standards of commercial entities like the Jiangnan Culture, Commerce, and Tourism Complex.

The zone is emerging as a leading area in Haizhu for vitalizing Guangzhou's old city with new vigor, showcasing a unique charm and vitality. It has become a significant "golden signboard" for the city's international consumer center.

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