Guangzhou's Haizhu aims for high-quality development| Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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During Guangzhou's high-quality development conference on Feb 19, Haizhu district announced to use a three-year plan to develop new productive forces as a breakthrough to strive for high-quality development.

The district's main economic goals for this year include a GDP growth of over 6 percent and a fixed asset investment of over 62 billion yuan ($8.61 billion), with an increase of over 16 percent. To achieve these targets, Haizhu is poised to build a modern industrial system, relying on the digital economy, establishing a demonstration area for innovative applications, setting up a 10-billion-yuan industrial fund, and nurturing over 10 leading enterprises in innovative applications.

Haizhu is set to base its development on the urban industry. This includes accelerating the construction of intelligent manufacturing bases, vitalizing the middle-large textile business circle, promoting the intelligent and digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, and developing the exhibition economy.

Furthermore, Haizhu will try to create a tropical rainforest-style industrial ecology, supporting the establishment of distinctive industry alliances and expanding the Haizhu Partners system. It will also optimize its science and technology innovation mechanisms and capabilities, promoting the mutual empowerment of technology and industry, universities, and cities.


Business area in Haizhu district. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

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