Guangzhou preps logistics, hospitality for upcoming Canton Fair| Updated: Apr 12, 2023
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The 133rd Canton Fair, the largest trade fair in history, will be held in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, from April 15, attracting attention and expectations from around the world. 

The Canton Fair has a 60-year history and has recorded China's progress in foreign trade. The fair is also a testament to Guangdong and Guangzhou's contributions to the development of the nation's foreign trade.

To prepare for the event, Guangzhou has optimized its environment, transportation systems, accommodation enterprises, and catering services. 

For example, the city has set up a logistics waiting for the area to alleviate traffic congestion caused by delivery trucks and has installed intelligent screens that show available parking spaces in real-time. Moreover, 3,000 people from the Guangzhou Youth Volunteer Association have volunteered to provide services such as document guidance, language translation, and venue directions for the fair. 

In addition, hotels are offering discounted packages and shuttle services to the fair's venue. Guangzhou's service industry is known for its meticulous attention to detail, which promises to make this year's Canton Fair a memorable experience for all attendees.

The Canton Fair Complex.jpg

The Canton Fair Complex. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]   

For the Canton Fair, Guangzhou increases the capacity of its public transport,.jpg

For the Canton Fair, Guangzhou increases the capacity of its public transport, promising no less than 2,000 taxis and ride-hailing vehicles every day. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]   

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