Aozhou - Xidi ferry route upgraded| Updated: Mar 28, 2023
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Haizhu has recently upgraded its "Aozhou Wharf - Xidi Wharf" ferry route, which departs from Binjiang Road, and launched a brand new themed cruise, the "Thirteen Hongs (factories) of Canton". In addition, Aozhou Wharf has been renovated and is now known as the Nanhua West Street Service Center.

The new service center combines the promotion and exhibition of the neighborhood's history and culture, ferry culture, as well as reading and leisure services. As it continues to operate, the center will become a new historical and cultural promotion site with all the workings to become an internet-famous tourist attraction.

Besides the opening of the new "Aozhou Wharf - Xidi Wharf" ferry route, other volunteer services, including water rescue training sessions, free health diagnosis, as well as blood glucose and pressure monitoring services, were held on March 23, along with the Nanhua West cultural neighborhood promotional activities.

Dozens of citizens who took the new ferry to the service center then immersed themselves in the deep history and culture of the block. They visited the puppet theater, Shuangqing Lou, Arcade Street, the Forest of Steles and other historical and cultural sites.


The "Thirteen Hongs of Canton" themed cruise. [Photo/WeChat accout: gzhzfb]

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