Haizhu sets up metaverse alliance

en.haizhu.gov.cn| Updated: Mar 20, 2023
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The opening ceremonies of the Haizhu metaverse innovation industry alliance and the Haizhu metaverse music carnival were held on March 18.

Enterprises, including Interactive Entertainment Network, WinSing Animation and S.P.I Landscape Group, jointly announced the establishment of the Haizhu metaverse innovation industry alliance.

This alliance promotes the development of Haizhu's metaverse industry by promoting the formation of a metaverse industrial chain, building a metaverse industry-university-research platform, and a metaverse industrial base.

Of the enterprises in the alliance, Interactive Entertainment Network has created China's first game art museum, which provides new interactive social experiences to visitors.

WinSing Animation has created a virtual IP incubator studio, and launched the first metaverse museum "YMetaCoffee" in Guangzhou. The enterprise also showcased its progress in the industry by debuting a digital person named Xixi and a digital double named BEN.

S.P.I Landscape Group has established its digital technology headquarters, developed a metaverse operation platform, as well as deeply integrated digital technology with tourism, culture, business, community, public service and other sectors. It has proposed the "online + offline full domain immersion" model, which will integrate the metaverse with cultural and business travel.

The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts has seized development opportunities and merged the metaverse with the digital culture industry to establish the Meta-universe Digital Art Research and Innovation Base. It is the first industry-university-research cooperation platform that is oriented to the metaverse and digital art in China. It aims to promote the integrated development of "metaverse + art + industry".

Guangdong Industry Polytechnic plans to build the Guangzhou metaverse technology enabling center. The center will carry out scientific research, transform scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate scientific and technological innovation. It will also provide services for virtual reality content creators, as well as facilitate virtual idol live streaming.

Haizhu will accelerate the development of its metaverse industry in order to create an industrial cluster demonstration area. The development of Haizhu's metaverse industry will be combined with its "one zone, one valley, one circle" model. The one zone refers to the Pazhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Experimental Zone, the one valley refers to Sun Yat-sen University International Innovation Valley, and the one circle refers to Haizhu's cultural, business, and tourism integration circle.


The opening ceremony of the Haizhu metaverse innovation industry alliance. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

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