Pazhou releases digital economy index research report| Updated: Feb 20, 2023
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Pazhou released its digital economy index research report on Feb 17.

This research report contains seven industry indexes in Pazhou, including VIPshop, Root Cloud connected construction machinery, YSG e-commerce beauty makeup, Yaoshibang medicine distribution, Yundie digital teaching, Yuanxiang medical beauty and Miye camping indexes.


Pazhou index conference. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

In 2022, the development of Pazhou's digital economy shows a trend of steady improvement. The number of enterprises in the Pazhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone has reached 34,000, with revenue exceeding 400 billion yuan ($58 billion), and the average enterprise revenue exceeding 11 million yuan.

The economic levels of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Pazhou are higher than the national average. Over the past two years, Pazhou's economic base has been higher than that of Beijing, Guangdong and Zhejiang, ranking only behind Shanghai, and even that gap is narrowing.


Pazhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

In October 2022, the Pazhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone was named the Guangdong Economic Development Zone. Pazhou will continue to develop into a world-class demonstration zone for digital economy. It will constantly optimize its business environment, attract talents and industrial clusters, focusing on big data, artificial intelligence, digital creativity, and e-commerce, and build a new industrial highland that follows the "digital + exhibition + headquarters + high-end trade" work model.

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