Haizhu data broker pilot named 2022 China county reform case

en.haizhu.gov.cn| Updated: Jan 18, 2023
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The Haizhu data broker pilot program was recently included in the final list of 2022 China county reform cases and was the only case in Guangzhou to be included.

In October 2021, Haizhu district became the first batch of data broker pilot units in Guangdong province. After conducting market and theoretical research, as well as rule design. It issued the first pilot work plan of data brokers in China in December 2021. In May 2022, it launched the first batch of data brokers, which consisted of local enterprises Guangdong Power Grid Energy Investment, Guangzhou Financial Holding Credit Investigation Service, and Guangzhou Vipshop Data Technology.

Haizhu divided data brokers into three categories: technology enabled data brokers, data enabled data brokers, and entrusted exercise data brokers.

In the electric power field, Guangdong Power Grid Energy Investment has launched 35 "power +" series of data products in six categories. In the e-commerce field, the supplier intelligent data platform created by Vipshop has launched four data products and services in four categories. In finance, the multi-source data open platform of Guangzhou Financial Holding Credit Investigation Service has launched 20 data products and services in three categories.


Pazhou artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone in Haizhu. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

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