Epidemic Instruction Card for Haizhu Residents

GZFAO| Updated: Dec 06, 2022
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Dear residents,

Thank you for your understanding and support of epidemic prevention and control!

Research shows that with the COVID-19 virus evolving into multiple variants, the current Omicron variant, although infectious, has significantly weakened in its virulence. More than 90% of the patients in this round of epidemic outbreak in Guangzhou are asymptomatic cases, and less than 10% with symptoms are mostly upper respiratory infections, including fever, sore and scratchy throat, dry cough, headache, joint pain all over body, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as loss of appetite and diarrhea. The symptoms were relieved for most patients within 24 to 36 hours. Stay alert but don't panic! We urge all residents to take the responsibility for your own health by avoiding crowds and gatherings, limiting your travels between residence and workplace and taking personal precautions like wearing N95 masks properly (the elderly and children are suggested to not go outdoors except for essential reasons). In case of fever and other symptoms, the following instructions can be followed:

1. If you find yourself or your family with fever or other symptoms, don't worry. You are suggested to stay at home, rest more, drink more water, and try to avoid going out for medical treatment to reduce the risk of infection.

2. You should prepare some antipyretic and analgesic drugs for common cold, as well as some Chinese patent drugs like Yinqiao Powder and Huoxiang Zhengqi Oral Liquid, etc. You can also buy a "health kit" at the pharmacy, and take drugs as seen appropriate in case of fever and other symptoms.

3. If you need to seek medical advice at home, you can log in onto the Internet hospitals run by six top grade hospitals in Haizhu District for online consultation, diagnosis and express drug delivery services.

A list of Internet hospitals operated by top grade hospitals in Haizhu District: 

You can search the following applets on WeChat:

1. Doctor Dingbei (the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province)

2. Internet Hospital of Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University

3. Internet Hospital of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital

4. Internet Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

5. Internet Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Southern Medical University

6. Yat-sen Smart Service (Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University)

Dear residents, please follow the safety protocols, take proper personal precautions, avoid high-risk areas or crowded places, pay attention to ventilation and hand disinfection, and develop good hygiene habits such as washing hands before and after meals, so as to effectively reduce the risk of infection.


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