Notification of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measure Adjustments in Haizhu District

GZFAO| Updated: Nov 28, 2022
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Currently, the COVID-19 situation remains challenging and complex. To effectively cut off the virus transmission, respond to the situation in a science-based and targeted manner, and protect residents'health and safety, we have made a thoughtful decision to adjust the prevention and control measures in the district. The adjustments shall take effect from 00:00 on November 28, 2022. The details are as follows.

I. The scope of controlled areas has been adjusted. Measures such as traffic bans and business suspension stipulated in the Notification of Extending COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures in Certain Areas of Haizhu District (issued on November 13, 2022) will be extended to 24:00 on December 2, 2022, but their application scope has been narrowed down to the east of Dongxiao Road-Changgang Road and west of Huangpu River-Chisha River-South China Expressway-Guangzhou City Ring Expressway-Xinguang Expressway (hereinafter referred to as the "Area"; the Area is the red zone in the map attached below).


2. High-risk areas will be precisely designated. In light of the epidemic situation, high-risk areas will be precisely defined. In these areas, residents will be placed under mandatory home quarantine and necessary goods and services will be delivered to their doorsteps. Residents in non-high-risk areas may move in an orderly manner within the Area but shall avoid gathering and crowding. They shall follow the required safety protocols and practice good personal protection.

3. Stranded people will be relocated. Based on proper risk evaluation, we will evacuate stranded people in a close-loop way to ensure no leakage of the virus from the controlled area and transfer them in different batches back home based on their will. The transference is applicable for those :

(a) who meet the "3+5+3" requirements with a green health code, namely the grid, community, or building they are staying has seen no new infections at least for three days; they have taken the PCR test with negative results and shown no syndrome of infection for five consecutive days; and they have completed a three-day centralized health monitoring.
(b) who meet the "8+3" requirements with a green health code, namely they have taken the PCR test with negative results for eight days and shown no syndrome of infection within the latest three days.

4. Work and production will be resumed in an orderly manner. According to the circular on further optimizing the COVID-19 response, government agencies, public institutions and other corporations can apply for "white list" and "group code" management for their employees in the Area (excluding high-risk zones) provided that their employees have tested negative for five consecutive days, are free of infection syndromes such as fever, sore throat, and dry cough within the latest three days, and hold a green health code. Those employees can be transferred in a close loop to their working places. Government agencies, public institutions and other corporations must shoulder the responsibility respectively for their employees' close-loop transference in a safe manner and resume work and production in an orderly way.

The above measures will be adjusted dynamically according to changes in the COVID-19 situation.

We all should contribute our share of efforts in fighting COVID-19. Thank you all for your support and cooperation with these and other pandemic prevention and control measures. We urge every resident to stay optimistic and work together during this difficult time. Let us keep the faith and confidence that we shall win the war.

Notification is hereby given.

Haizhu District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center

November 27, 2022

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