Letter to new parents in Haizhu district

en.haizhu.gov.cn| Updated: Nov 14, 2022
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Dear parents,

To ensure your newborns pass smoothly through this special period related to COVID-19 and grow up in good health, we would like to make the following medical suggestions:

I. Advice for newborns seeking medical attention in high and medium-risk areas as well as temporary lockdown areas

(1) Parents need to identify health problems in newborns in a timely manner:

a. General condition of the newborn (such as body temperature, mental response, crying sounds, sleep states, frequency of urine and bowel movements, and the shape and color of the stool).

b. Feeding situation (feeding pattern, frequency, milk quantity, problems like infant vomiting or spitting up).

c. Growth and development of newborns, such as their weight gain.

d. Abdominal condition, umbilical condition, skin color, presence of convulsions.

Newborns without special symptoms are advised to wait until the end of the quarantine period before going to the hospital or community for routine health checkups and vaccinations.

(2) How to seek medical attention in an emergency:

When the following symptoms are found in your newborn, please take precautions and seek medical attention as soon as possible:

a. Body temperature ≥37.3 C or ≦36 C (auxiliary temperature)

b. Low in spirits, slow reaction with pale face and weak suction.

c. Foaming at the mouth, presenting dyspnea/apnea and cyanosis.

d. Severe yellowing of the skin or a sharp aggravation in yellowing of the skin within a short period of time, pallor, cyanosis and cold limbs, with bleeding spots, ecchymoses, and multiple pustules on the skin.

e. Convulsions (such as repeated blinking, staring, facial muscles twitching, spasms or stiffness of limbs, opisthotonos, trismus) and a tense fontanelle.

f. Obvious abdominal distension with vomiting, poor skin elasticity, decreased urinary output, and bloody stools.

g. Highly swollen eyelids, heavily congested conjunctiva with large amount of purulent secretions; purulent secretions in the ears.

h. A lot of purulent secretions from the umbilicus, with granulation or mucosa-like material, and redness and swelling of the skin around the navel chakra.

If you are in need, please report to the community "three-person team" (see below), or call the medical treatment team 24-hour hotline: 18998822336, or 120 in an emergency.

II. Advice for newborns seeking medical attention in low-risk areas

Parents of newborns in low-risk areas must take PCR tests and conduct self-health monitoring according to the prevention and control policy. With proper personal protection, you can take your newborns for medical treatment.

III. Reminder

Neonatal Jaundice

Newborns will have their bilirubin levels measured at least once before they are discharged from the hospital, and the hospital registers the jaundice index in the jaundice follow-up part on the "Guangzhou Jiankangtong" WeChat service platform - "Maternal and Child Health" - "Child Health Care Bear" to guide parents to monitor and understand the jaundice level of their newborns. After returning home from hospital or within seven days after birth, the jaundice condition of the newborns must continue to be monitored. If the jaundice index is abnormal, parents need to bring the newborns to a pediatric department for treatment in a timely manner.

Medical Treatment Team of

Haizhu District COVID-19 Control and Prevention Command Center

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