Students go back to school in Haizhu| Updated: Sep 06, 2022
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Students living in low-risk areas in Guangzhou's Haizhu district began returning to school on Sept 5.


Students go back to school in Haizhu. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]

Schools in Haizhu district require teachers and students to follow COVID-19 pandemic prevention inspection protocols like filling out the health card and the letter of commitment to return to school.

Haizhu Experimental Primary School adopted a staggered back-to-school mode for its first day. Students were separated into three batches for returning to school: the first batch consisting of grades five and six students; the second batch consisting of grades three and four students; and the last batch consisting of grades one and two students. The number of teachers and students returning to school was large, but everything was orderly, with students queuing up to enter the school's campus.


A teacher measures the temperature of a student. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]

Meng Aina, vice-principal of Haizhu Experimental Primary School, said that the school organized teachers to implement various COVID-19 pandemic prevention preparations. It also collected the 24-hour nucleic acid test results and health codes of teachers, students, as well as staff workers.

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