The Latest Guangzhou COVID-19 Control and Prevention Press Conference

GZFAO| Updated: Sep 05, 2022
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Guangzhou reported 9 local COVID-19 cases

According to Ms. Zhang Yi, Deputy Director and Spokesperson of Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, Guangzhou reported 9 local COVID-19 cases between 15:00 September 2 and 08:00 September 4. Below are the details of local COVID-19 cases:

Among the 9 newly reported COVID-19 cases, 8 are close contacts of previously confirmed COVID-19 patients who tested positive in centralized quarantine facilities; the remaining one case has been detected in the PCR testing conducted for key groups in controlled areas. All patients have been transferred to Guangzhou No.8 People's Hospital. Among them, 7 have been diagnosed as COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms while 2 have been diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 patients. All patients are in a stable condition.

The current outbreak was first picked up on August 30, as of 08:00 September 4, Guangzhou has reported 33 cases in total. Epidemiological investigations suggest that all patients contracted the virus from the same source, and the transmission link is very clear.

Parts of Haizhu District to resume in-person classes

Mr. Chen Xueming, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Bureau of Education, announced the latest arrangements for the beginning of the new term in Haizhu District in line with the overall COVID-19 situation of Guangzhou.

All secondary and primary schools as well as kindergartens located outside medium- and high-risk zones of Haizhu District will resume in-person classes starting from September 5. Teachers, students and staff members must provide a negative PCR test report obtained within 24 hours prior to returning to school. In the first week, all teachers, students and staff members are required to limit their travels between the school and their homes in principle. They must also take a PCR test once every two days. Off-campus training institutes, nurseries and care centers will resume in-person services in an orderly manner.

People who live in medium-, high-risk zones and zones under temporary lockdown shall follow the administration rules of each designated zone. People with a red or yellow health code must also follow relevant COVID-19 control and prevention measures.

Teachers and students returning from another city must report their travel history to the school and community

Teachers and students returning from another city, especially those of higher education institutes, must report their travel history to the school and community. In accordance with the latest Guangzhou COVID-19 Policies for Travelling, they should follow the community COVID-19 containment requirements and undergo self-health monitoring measures or home quarantine. They should also take PCR tests and precautionary personal protective measures accordingly. At the same time, they should keep a close eye on the COVID-19 related status of those who travelled with them and those who co-reside with them.

Latest requirements for leaving Haizhu and Panyu Districts to be imposed tomorrow

At the discretion of public health experts, containment measures will continue to be imposed on designated controlled zones in Guangzhou. Regular COVID-19 control and prevention measures will gradually resume in non-controlled zones. Starting from 00:00 September 5, residents of non-controlled zones in Haizhu and Panyu Districts will no longer need a 24-hour negative PCR test report to leave. Residents of low-risk zones can travel with a negative PCR test report obtained within 48 hours.

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