Notification of Temporary Lockdown Measures on Partial Areas of Longfeng Subdistrict in Haizhu District

GZFAO| Updated: Aug 31, 2022
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Haizhu District issued a notice today saying that abnormal results were detected in routine PCR testing in the district on August 30. For safety concerns, temporary lockdown measures have been implemented in some areas of Longfeng Subdistrict. Below is the full text of the notice.

Notification of Temporary Lockdown Measures on Partial Areas of Longfeng Subdistrict in Haizhu District

Abnormal results were detected in the routine PCR testing in Haizhu District on August 30. For safety concerns, temporary lockdown measures have been implemented in the area encircled by Phoenix Creative Park in the north, Machong River in the east, Gongye Avenue North in the west, and Baoye North Street-Baoye Road-Lifu Road in the south, Longfeng Subdistrict. The lockdown measures will be adjusted dynamically according to the COVID-19 situation.

A district-wide PCR testing has been started today at 14:00. This testing is universal and should cover every household member. Please follow the notification of your community committee, get tested according to the set schedule, and practice proper personal protection. If your health code has turned yellow or you have received an alert message from Guangzhou CDC, you should go to a nearby testing site for yellow code holders.

Haizhu District COVID-19 Control and Prevention Command Center

August 30, 2022

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