Kindergarten students learn about natural science at Haizhu Wetland Park| Updated: Jul 14, 2022
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A parent-child nature-exploration activity was held in Haizhu Wetland Park on July 13 and was organized by volunteers from Guangzhou Haizhu Wetland Yanlaiqi.

Students from Haizhu District's Suihua Kindergarten entered the wetland park with a desire to learn more about nature. They learned about grass and flowers, the characteristics of different types of flora, and the basics of avoiding deadly snakes, taking care of animals, and surviving in the wild while being guided by volunteer teachers from Yanlaiqi.

The program, according to Yanlaiqi volunteers, intends to enable youngsters to play while learning, appreciating and safeguarding nature. It also aims to make kids' summers more enjoyable.


A volunteer teaches natural science to kindergarten students from Haizhu district. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]

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