Lotus in Haizhu wetland

en.haizhu.gov.cn| Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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June to August is the best time to enjoy lotuses. The lotuses in Haizhu wetland are especially fantastic.

An ancient poet once said, "Green lotus leaves spread as far as the boundless sky. Pink lotus blossoms take from sunshine a new dye." Lotuses are stars of midsummer.


A beautiful lotus. [Photo/WeChat account: haizhuwetland]

The beauty of lotuses is not only in the flowers but also in the leaves. The lotus leaves turn the pond green and magnificent.


The green and pink lotus pond in Haizhu wetland. [Photo/WeChat account: haizhuwetland]

The beautiful lotus pond attracts many animals.


Two ducks play by the lotus pond. Photo/WeChat account: haizhuwetland]

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