Two subway lines passing Haizhu under construction| Updated: Apr 02, 2022
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Guangzhou Metro recently announced the latest progress regarding 11 new rail transit lines under construction, two of which pass through Haizhu district.

Guangzhou Metro Line 10 starts from Tianhe Passenger Station in Tianhe district in the east and connects with residential areas in the south of Haizhu, Wuyang new town, Tianhe Sports Center, and Tianhe Passenger Station. It mainly passes through Haizhu district, Tianhe district, Yuexiu district, and Liwan district. It goes west to Xilong Station in Liwan district, and the line runs from northeast to southwest Guangzhou.

At present, 38 percent of the civil works of Guangzhou Metro Line 10 have been completed. Of the 14 stations, three have been capped, 10 are undergoing civil construction, and the remaining one is undergoing preliminary preparation. Of the 14 sections, one has been connected, three are undergoing civil construction, and the rest are undergoing preliminary preparation.

Guangzhou Metro Line 11 has a total length of about 44.2 kilometers and is in a ring shape. It spans the five old urban areas of Haizhu, Tianhe, Baiyun, Yuexiu, and Liwan, as well as connects with transportation hubs like Pazhou, Guangzhou East Railway Station, and Guangzhou Railway Station.

At present, 74 percent of the civil works of Guangzhou Metro Line 11 have been completed. Among the 32 stations, one is in preliminary preparation, two have been opened, 14 have been capped, and the remaining 15 are under civil construction. Among the 32 sections, one has been completed and opened, 10 have been connected, 16 are undergoing civil construction, and the other five are in the pre-construction preparation stage.


A subway entrance in Haizhu. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhzfb]

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