Peak flower blossom season in Haizhu Wetland to come

Updated: Feb 07, 2022
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During the Chinese New Year in Guangzhou, viewing flowers is a must. Although the spring is cold, the 20,000-square-meter sea of zinnia elegans in Haizhu Wetland has bloomed with a visual cornucopia of red, purple, orange, and yellow.


People take photos in Haizhu Wetland. [Photo by Xie Huiqiang /Nanfang Daily]

"The full bloom period of the zinnia elegans is roughly in early and mid-February, which coincides with the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival," said Ye Jieying, a staff member of Haizhu Wetland.


Zinnia elegans in Haizhu Wetland. [Photo by Xie Huiqiang /Nanfang Daily]

In Haizhu Lake, nearly 15,000 sq m of marigolds are also budding. Ye said that the flowering period was delayed due to the cold weather, with the marigold flower sea expected to reach full bloom in mid-to-late February and last for about a month.


Marigolds in Haizhu Wetland. [Photo by Xie Huiqiang /Nanfang Daily]

At the end of February, thousands of purple orchid trees in Haizhu Wetland will bloom, forming a 3.2-kilometer-long purple orchid tree belt.

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