B.I.G Haizhu Bay Creative Zone

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Jan 12, 2022
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The B.I.G Haizhu Bay Creative Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_72f432ceb0e1]

B.I.G Haizhu Bay Creative Zone is located in the core area of Haizhu Innovation Bay, covering a total area of about 27,000 square meters and a building area of about 50,000 sq m. The zone is characterized by art, leisure, and sports.

There are various buildings in the zone. With the theme of sports, it has a 270-degree skateboard plaza, basketball courts, and extreme sports venues near the Pearl River.

The zone is also cooperating with various universities and has been recognized as a street art practice base for the Mural Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, an off-campus practice teaching base for the School of Architecture and Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and an activity base for the Yangcheng Reading Club and the Guangzhou Music and Literature Association.  

The park specially invited Tang Hui, a dean of the Mural Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, as the art director of the park to work on some designs such as colorful stairs, astronaut sculptures, and murals.

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