2021 colorful Haizhu cultural season series activities

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 06, 2021
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1. Haizhu Digital Image Week

Date: Dec 3 to 12

Venue: DOC.Park

Introduction: Around the history of CPC and poverty alleviation to hold documentary screenings, documentary industry forums, "The story of Haizhu and me" competition, "Haizhu's story" creation forum and "Haizhu roaming season" activity.

2. 2021 Global Youth Art and Design Competition of "Golden Bull Award"

Date: December

Venue: Guangzhou Venture Capital Town

Introduction: In an effort to keep up with the times, this competition encourages young people to create outstanding works with a sense of time, fashion and purpose.

3. 2021 Fashion and Art Season

Date: Dec 10

Venue: Canton Tower

Introduction: The fashion and art season started with China's first street dance drama named Our Life in Guangzhou. It includes street dance performances, street dance competitions, street dance theater, and digital street dance classes.

4. City Cultural Tourism Theme Activity

Date: December

Venue: Party Pier

Introduction: This event uses digital technology and live broadcasts to create a series of online and offline activities related to Guangzhou.

5. The 26th Guangzhou International Art Fair

Date: Dec 17 to 21

Venue: Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center

Introduction: This expo integrates important cultural and artistic forces, and promotes the creative transformation and innovative development of cultural resources.

6. 2021 "1212 Creative China" Forum

Date: Nov 27 to Dec 31

Venue: The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Introduction: This forum focuses on art design research and teaching projects related to the Beijing Winter Olympics. There is also an exhibition on the results of the creation, teaching and research projects of the Winter Olympics and winter competitive sports.

7. 2021 Tourism Week Guchao Market on Ruibao Street

Date: Dec 2 to 6

Venue: Haizhu Zhihui Science and Technology Park

Introduction: This market develops the economy with traditional culture, fashion, creative trends, and convenient services to boost business, travel and cultural industries.

8. Happy Running activity

Date: end of November

Venue: Haizhu Wetland Park

Introduction: Haizhu holds both Happy Running and Haizhu entrepreneur exchange activities.

9. Art tour to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC

Date: Dec 10

Venue: Pazhou Builder's House

Introduction: Accompany the glorious history and great achievements of the Party through singing, dancing and musical instrument performances.

10. Fan Carnival in Party Pier

Date: Dec 24 to 26

Venue: Zhujiang Party Pier Beer Culture and Art Zone

Introduction: This fan carnival invites 10 music culture singers, artists, and stars to create an outdoor music party atmosphere.

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