Inbound travellers from Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou must report to relevant health authorities

GZFAO| Updated: Nov 30, 2021
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On Nov 25, Shanghai reported three local COVID-19 cases, Hangzhou reported two asymptomatic cases, and Xuzhou reported one asymptomatic case. The three cases in Shanghai are friends and have traveled to Suzhou from Nov 19 to 21 and show a close contact history and clear epidemiological relationship. The two cases in Hangzhou are close contacts from outside the city. One of the cases, Guo, left Hangzhou on Nov 19 and came back on Nov 22, and the second case is Guo's companion from outside Hangzhou. The asymptomatic case reported in Xuzhou is a close contact of the confirmed cases from Shanghai who had dined in the same restaurant with the latter in Suzhou on Nov 20 and traveled back to Xuzhou on Nov 21.

To guard against the imported cases, the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds residents to abide by the following safety protocols:


1. People who have traveled to Shanghai on and after Nov 12, Suzhou on and after Nov 19, Hangzhou on and after Nov 22, or Xuzhou on and after Nov 21 as well as participants who attended the 2021 China International Finance & Tax Expo, shall report to their community (village) committees, employers, or hotels and comply with corresponding health management measures.

2. Xiangmei Garden Phase I Community, 1650 Long, Jinxiu Road, Huamu Street, Pudong; Xiangzhangyuan Community, 1080 Long, Haiyang Road, Sanlin Town, Pudong; and Xijiao Jinlu Community, 189 Long, Yewen Road, Zhaoxiang town, Qingpu district have been listed as middle-risk areas.

3. Travel History in Shanghai 

Pudong New Area: Xiangmei Garden Phase I Community, 1650 Long, Jinxiu Road, Huamu Street; Xiangzhangyuan Community, 1080 Long, Haiyang Road, Sanlin town; Lyudi Supermarket, 480 Jinkang Road; Luosen Convenient Store, 1068 Haiyang Road.

Qingpu district: Xijiao Jinlu Community, 189 Long, Yewen Road, Zhaoxiang town.

Huangpu district: 168 Xizang Middle Road; Bianlifeng, Harbour Rings Plaza, 18 Xizang Middle Road; Hall 1, Broadband International Cineplex, Shanghai Time Square, 99 Huaihai Middle Road; Latang Jiangxi Rice Noodles (People's Plaza Branch), 258 Yunnan Middle Road.

Songjiang district: Xinlongmen Chezhan (Shanghai Laiting Branch), 684 Laiting South Road, Jiuting town; 889 Jiujing Road.

4. Inbound travelers from outside Guangdong should take a COVID test and monitor their health for 14 days.

Those who experience symptoms including fever, dry cough, fatigue, decreased sense of smell and taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia, and diarrhea should report to their community (village) committees, employers or hotels immediately and go to their nearest fever clinic. They must truthfully inform their healthcare workers of their travel and epidemiological history. In such cases, public transportation should be avoided.

5. Residents should strengthen personal protection, wear masks correctly, practice healthy personal hygiene, and refrain from touching their eyes, mouth, and nose until after thoroughly cleaning their hands. Avoid going to crowded, enclosed, and poorly ventilated spaces. Those planning to go to indoor entertainment and recreational venues should make an appointment in advance, take temperature checks, present health codes, scan the relevant QR codes at the venue for tracking and tracing, keep a distance of 1 meter or more from other people, and plan a reduced length of stay at the venues accordingly.

Stay safe and report relevant information in a timely manner.

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