Guangdong implements cross-provincial tours, group bundles restrictions

GZFAO| Updated: Nov 05, 2021
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The Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued an urgent notice regarding COVID-19 measures for the cultural and tourism sectors on its website on Nov 2, implementing restrictions on cross-provincial group tours and announcing the suspension of "air ticket + hotel" group tour bundles for areas deemed to be of medium risk for COVID-19.

It also explained that the same rules will apply for places that have identified confirmed COVID-19 cases but have not yet been upgraded to medium-risk areas.

The notice also calls on local cultural and tourism departments as well as travel agencies to pay particular attention to the COVID-19 situation at tourist destinations that are selling or promoting travel packages, and activate a "circuit breaker" mechanism in response to new developments by suspending tourism activities in a timely manner for the health and safety of tourists and customers.

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