Haizhu unveils second batch of schools focusing on agricultural education

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Sep 23, 2021
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Children observe snails. [Photo by Liao Jingwen/Guangzhou Daily]

The plaque unveiling ceremony for Haizhu's second batch of schools focusing on agricultural education was held at the Haizhu National Wetland Park on Sept 17.

The Haizhu National Wetland Park has rich and diverse wetland flora and fauna resources such as 835 species of tracheophytes and 884 species of animals. It also has rich agricultural culture featuring fruit farms in the Lingnan area. 

These schools will make full use of the resources in Haizhu National Wetland Park to offer innovative education courses on labor skills and farming practices, allowing students to gain more knowledge in areas such as wetland ecological observation, usage of basic farming tools, fruit and vegetables planting and farm management. 

In the past year, 10 schools in Haizhu district have been awarded as municipal small farmland schools and eight schools have been awarded at the municipal level for outcomes in labor education.

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