Macao implements quarantine requirements for visitors from Guangzhou

GZFAO| Updated: Sep 08, 2021
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An announcement regarding Guangzhou visitors to Macao was made by Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) authorities at 2:42 pm on Sept 5 in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

In addition, visitors who have been to Dongshan Street, Huale Street or Dengfeng Street in Yuexiu district on or after Sept 1 as well as those who have been to Huananxi Street in Haizhu district on or after Sept 2, must remain at designated medical observation facilities until 14 days have passed since their last visit to any of these areas, and the minimum required stay is seven days.

Green health codes for these people will also be lowered to yellow until they leave quarantine, and these individuals must receive up to five nucleic acid tests on their first, fourth, seventh, and 12th day of medical observation.

Also, the Macao COVID-19 Infection Response Coordination Center announced on the morning of Sept 5 that anyone in Macao who had been to Jianshe Street in Yuexiu district in Guangzhou on or after Sept 1 must come forward and comply with medical observation requirements.

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