Haizhu hospital launches free delivery of TCM soup

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Sep 01, 2021
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Professional staff members decoct traditional Chinese medicine to put in soup for patients. [Photo/Yangcheng Evening News]

Haizhu TCM Hospital has started a new service to help patients by decocting TCM soup and delivering the soup to their doors for free, Yangcheng Evening News reported on Aug 30. 

"The hospital used to offer decoction services for patients, but we would have to come to the hospital one day after to get the soup, which would cost half of the day," said a patient surnamed Wang. 

Wang added that it's really convenient as the patients only need to register their delivery address and phone numbers and the soup will be delivered to their doors.

A staff member said that this new service can not only reduce the waiting time for patients who visit the hospital to receive the soup as they can leave the hospital after visiting the doctors, but the quality of the soup is also better because it is packaged in vacuum bags.

The staff member added that the hospital has delivered nearly 800 packages of traditional Chinese medicinal soup in less than one month. 

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