Canton Tower scenic area applies high standards in management| Updated: Aug 25, 2021
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The Canton Tower scenic area. [Photo/Wechat account: gzhzfb]

The Canton Tower, the most famous landmark in the riverside areas by the Pearl River, will be built according to the standards of a national 5A-level scenic area, officials put forward on Aug 16 during the 15th plenary session of the 12th CPC Haizhu district committee.

Being the only island district in Guangzhou, Haizhu district is now pushing forward the high-quality development of riverside areas by the Pearl River.

"We now apply very detailed measures in the management and renovation of the Canton Tower scenic area just like making embroidery," said Lin Jiatao, a staff member from the administrative committee of the scenic area. 

Remarkable changes have been made around the Canton Tower during the past two months, for example, several new parterres were set up and star-shape lights were hung on the trees. 

"I take a walk here every night and I find this place to be well-organized, and even the number of tourists have increased since the opening of the Haixin Bridge, especially during holidays," said Zhang Yin, a local resident. 

Staff members at the scenic area now carry out all-day patrol to maintain order and prohibit non-motor vehicles from entering. 


A service station featuring a cultural display offers visitors handy public services in the scenic area. [Photo/Wechat account: gzhzfb]

A service station featuring both a cultural display and handy public services has also been built in the scenic area.

"It's very intimate to have such a service station at this famous scenic area that offers free drinking water," said a woman surnamed Pan who traveled from Shanghai. 

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