Newly upgraded riverside green road in Haizhu opens to public| Updated: Jul 15, 2021
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The entire length of the green road along Haizhu district’s Yuejiang Road has been opened to the public recently, after the construction of the second stage of the green road was completed.

The newly upgraded riverside green road, extending to 6.6 kilometers, has become a perfect leisure attraction for citizens living nearby. It is a model green road built by Haizhu district that takes the lead in green road construction in Guangzhou and Guangdong province.

It’s also one of the significant measures taken by Haizhu to bring tangible benefits to the local people.

The green road is located in the landscape belt on the north of Yuejiang Road, which is laid as a walking route, jogging track and bike path, and is also equipped with new bridges and rest stations.

Haizhu district plans to build a green road circling the Haizhu island in the next five years, to effectively enhance people's sense of wellbeing.


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