Shixiangyuan Memorial Hall

Updated: Jun 29, 2021
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Shixiangyuan Memorial Hall is a national AAA level tourist attraction. Built around 1856, it was the residence, painting and teaching place of Julian and Juchao, who were famous flower and bird painters in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Shixiangyuan means "garden of ten fragrant flowers" in Chinese. It got the name from the ten species of well-planted flowers in the garden which include frangipani, Daphne odora, cordate telosma, artabotrys hexapetalus, jasmine, magnolia coco, chloranthus, chloranthus erectus, magnolia alba and banana shrub.

Gao Jianfu and Chen Shuren, founders of the Lingnan (South China) School of Painting, received their advanced education here, so the Memorial Hall is also known as "the cradle of the Lingnan School of Painting".

Address: No.3, Zhonggeshan Huaide Street, Jiangnan Avenue, Haizhu district, Guangzhou

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