Taigucang Wharf

Updated: Jun 29, 2021
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Transformed from the former site of the British company Butterfield & Swire Co., which was built in 1904, Taigucang Wharf is a national AAA level tourist attraction. In 2008, according to Guangzhou's integrated planning, Guangzhou Port Group repaired Nos 1-8 warehouses and three T-shape wharves in the forepart of the site, keeping the building's original historical appearance and reconstructing its rear parts.

Since 2010, the first stage of the project, including businesses such as a wine purchasing center, a display warehouse, a business port, a movie warehouse, a yacht party area, large-scale dining, western cuisine and a lounge bar have gradually matured. The second stage of the project is under planning and construction.

Taigucang Wharf has become the city's living room integrating functions of cultural creativity, exhibition, sightseeing and entertainment. Known as the "Fisherman's Wharf" of Guangzhou. Taigucang Wharf was awarded as a "Famous Trademark of Guangzhou" in 2014.

Former Butterfield & Swire's Warehouses & Wharves

Situated on the riverside of the Gexin Road of Haizhu District, the warehouses and wharves were built in the 1930s by British firm Butterfield & Swire. There are still three T-shaped concrete trestle-type wharves, with a water front of 321 meters, and eight British-style warehouses with an area of 17,113 square meters. Symbols of Guangzhou's modern storage and logistics industry, the buildings witnessed the entry of foreign capital during the ROC period, and will continue to witness the development of the maritime Silk Road and foreign trade. Since the establishment of the PRC, they have been known as the Neiyi Wharves and have been managed by the Guangzhou Port Authority and used for shipping to the mainland's coastal areas, Hong Kong, Macao, as well as Southeast Asia. 

It became a cultural relic protection unit in Guangzhou in 2005 and ever since, it has been developed into a venue for cultural creativity, exhibition, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment.

Address: No. 124, Gexin Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou

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