Canton Tower

Updated: Jun 29, 2021
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Canton Tower, located at the intersection of Guangzhou New City Central Axis and the southern bank of the Pearl River, faces Haixinsha Island and Zhujiang New Town.

The tower boasts a total height of 600 meters, with its body reaching 450 meters and sporting a 150 meter long antenna. The tower is currently the highest tower in China and the third highest in the world.

The tower shows a spirit of "dynamic Guangzhou welcoming challenges and embracing the world". With its unique shape and design, it has become a magnificent landmark in the New City Central Axis, adding beauty and charm to the Pearl River.

Canton Tower is more than a tourism and sightseeing tower: it adds functions of urban sightseeing, tower climbing and recreation, fashionable food and beverages, weddings and exhibitions, movies and TV entertainment, environmental protection and science promotion, culture and education, shopping and leisure. At Canton Tower, you will enjoy a unique and magnificent experience.

Add: No.222 Yuejiang Road, Haizhu district

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