The Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, The Second Clinic Medical College

Updated: Jun 29, 2021
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Short name: Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University

Date of establishment: 1947

History: The hospital was founded at the front line of the War of Liberation (1946.6-1949.9) in Jiangyu town of Yimeng mountain area of Shandong Province in February 1947. In June 1955, it was reorganized into No. 103 Hospital in Yong’an city of Fujian Province, serving as an army hospital. From June 1955 to May 1978, it was affiliated to the First Army Medical University. On May 1, 1978, pursuant to the approval of the People's Liberation Army General Staff Department and the notice of the General Logistics Department, the hospital was moved to Guangzhou, joining the First Army Medical University and being named the Second Affiliated Hospital, officially Zhujiang Hospital. In August 2004, according to the Order of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, the hospital together with the First Army Medical University was under the administration of Guangdong Province, and was then renamed the Second Clinic Medical College of Southern Medical University (Zhujiang Hospital).

Address: No. 253 Middle Industrial Avenue, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-61643888

Scope of business: medical treatment, emergency aid, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, teaching and scientific research.

Postal code: 510280

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