Report loss of foreign passports

Updated: Jun 29, 2021
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I. Who to Apply

Foreigners holding foreign passports and ordinary visas who have lost their passports within the validity period of their visas can apply for a passport loss certificate.

II. What to Prepare

1. The "Status Report Form" (completed in Chinese or English);

2. Two recent passport-style photos;

3. A copy of an identity certificate (passport, ID card, etc.) (if any).

III. Where to Go

Exit-Entry Administration Division of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

IV. Notes

1. The Passport Loss Certificate is valid for 30 days. Within 30 days of reporting the loss, foreigners must take the "Passport Loss Certificate" to the embassy or consulate of their country in China to apply for papers, go to the public security bureau for visas or residence permit procedures, and return the Passport Loss Certificate.

The Passport Loss Certificate is not essential for those applying for a new passport or provisional certificate for foreigners.

2. If the application materials are complete, the application will be processed on the spot. If an investigation is required, the time limit is generally three working days.

3. The service is free of charge. 

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