Guangzhou Haizhu National Wetland Park: A model of urban construction and ecological civilization

Updated: May 28, 2021
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The Haizhu Wetland Park, which prioritizes environmental protection, strives to preserve and restore ecological resources in the central part of one of China's first-tier cities.

The water quality in the park has been upgraded from the inferior Class V to Class III, and some indicators have reached Class II standards, which has a significant effect on the purification of the water of the Pearl River.

The average concentration of PM2.5 around the wetland is 25 micrograms/m3, which is about 20 percent lower than the average level in Guangzhou.

Its biodiversity continues to increase, with the number of bird species increasing from 72 to 180, and insect species from 66 to 346. Wild animals have created wetland homes here, preserving the natural and harmonious vitality of the rapidly developing megacity.

It has become one of Guangzhou's "green hearts" and ecological stabilizers.

The park has received more than 60 million tourists in total, which is a concrete and vivid demonstration of the benefits of green development.


The old town glows with a new and green vitality.

Haizhu district fully benefits from the advantages of a modern central city and the unique ecological charm of the river and island.

It insists on the integration of industrial and urban development, the balance of work and housing, cultural heritage, ecological livability, convenient transportation and convenient lives, with enhanced urban functions.

In 2020, Haizhu district ranked first in the 2020 China Top 100 Counties Population Inflow List published by the QiuShi Journal, and was also named as the 2020 China's Top 100 Demonstration Counties and Cities for a Comprehensive Well-off Society.

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