Updated: May 28, 2021
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The industrial internet service provider Rootcloud is the only national-level cross-field online company based in Guangzhou, and the only platform in China selected into market research provider Gartner’s 2020 Global Industrial Internet Platform Magic Quadrant for two consecutive years.

Focusing on building industrial operating systems, the company's cloud platform targets such social organizations as machine manufacturers, equipment users and government agencies to provide digital services in various areas including smart manufacturing, R&D, artificial intelligence and equipment financing.

The cloud platform has three core advantages.

One is the large-scale connection capability of various types of industrial equipment. The platform supports more than 1,300 industrial protocols. The connected devices currently number more than 870,000, are of 5,000 types and represent total assets of more than 740 billion yuan.

The second advantage is the analysis capability of multi-source big data and AI, which allows collection and calculation of massive data pertaining to industrial equipment, with low latency and high reliability. Even complex equipment can quickly configure digital twin modeling. Based on the AI mechanism for model precipitation and prediction, industrial equipment can be well assessed and its failures accurately anticipated.

The third is the development and collaboration of diversified industrial applications. The platform has accumulated more than 5,400 industrial applications, more than 600 of which can collaborate with other industrial software.

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