Pink bauhinia flowers blossom in Haizhu

Updated: May 27, 2021
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1622172204798007941.jpg[Photo by Luo Changwei]

Pink bauhinias, known as the name card of Guangzhou city, are blooming earlier in Haizhu district this year. 

At the end of February, thousands of bauhinia flowers were in bloom in the city's Haizhu Wetland Park, the largest downtown wetland park among China's super metropolises and a "green heart" in Guangzhou. 

The 3.2-kilometer-long stretch of bauhinia flowers along the banks of the Shiliugang River in the park is stunning.

This year, the Guangzhou forestry and garden bureau recommended 46 spots for viewing the pink bauhinia flowers. The most popular "check-in spot" is none other than the Haizhu Wetland Park.

Since 2016, Guangzhou has planted bauhinia flowers, and it aims to turn bauhinia into a "themed landscape" as well as a business card of the city.

Bauhinia is a typical southern subtropical tree species that is easy to cultivate and reproduce and has strong resistance to pests and disease, making it especially suitable for growth in Guangzhou.

More than 12,000 pink and white bauhinia flowers have been planted in Haizhu Wetland Park and along the surrounding roads. After careful cultivation, it has become the largest and most concentrated bauhinia-planted area in Guangdong province.

The Shiliugang River is located in the southeast of the city's Haizhu district and runs through 10,000 mu of orchards. 

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20), Guangzhou implemented water control and management in terms of safeguarding sources and dealing with pollution, dredging, and replenishment. 

It also maintains a long-term river and lake maintenance system to improve water quality. Under supervision of higher levels of government the city has completed the task of transforming 147 black and smelly water bodies and 50 key rivers into clean water.

1622172271998047650.jpg[Photo by Su Yunhua]

Today, the Shiliugang River is clean and has blooming flowers on both its banks.

The symbolic meaning of bauhinia flowers is "harmony and family affection". Enjoying bauhinia with family members is a joy. The Haizhu Wetland Park has bauhinia, water, fish and birds, and can therefore be described as one of the best places to discover harmony alone or with family.

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