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Updated: Feb 25, 2021
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With the Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Area as its core, Haizhu district is promoting the development of key high-end business areas, including the Haizhu Innovation Bay Area and Sun Yat-sen University International Innovation Valley. It is also supporting the business service industry and improving the quality of its business services in order to boost the high-level development of industries such as scientific and technological services, cultural creativity, and new-generation information technology.

1.Legal services

The district is working to provide professional legal services such as lawyers, notarization, arbitration and judicial appraisal. Local high-end professional law firms with regional competitiveness are to be introduced and helped to build legal service platforms, promote the sharing of legal resources, and strengthen industry communication. The legal services will cover industries in the region such as exhibitions, technology services, cultural creativity and modern business. 

2.Human resources services

Haizhu district, guided by the needs of industrial development, promotes the development of human resource services such as recruitment, career guidance, talent training and assessment, and is strengthening support and communication between the human resource service industry and enterprises. It is committed to promoting the marketization and internationalization of talent agencies, attracting investment for talent agencies, and cultivating outstanding institutions to become leading enterprises. Local authorities will increase their efforts to bring in market-oriented talent services in order to promote the development of third-party talent service agencies.

3.Digital advertising

Haizhu district encourages and supports the development of digital advertising formats based on new technologies such as mobile internet and big data, and improves the development of key links in the industrial chain such as advertising design, creative planning and effect evaluation.

4.Enterprise management services

The district is introducing high-end management service companies, standardizing market operations, establishing special training institutions to increase the professionalism of local management services, improving its business finance and information services, and building a brand of management services for enterprise headquarters. Cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing and big data will be used to digitize local enterprise management services.

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