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Updated: Feb 25, 2021
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Haizhu is taking full advantage of its cultural and ecological resources, strengthening the construction and guidance of cultural content, promoting the integrated development of its "cultural+" industries, promoting the development of the cultural industry value chain, and promoting cultural business travel in key areas such as Haizhu Innovation Bay and Sun Yat-sen University International Innovation Valley.

1. Urban Cultural Tourism

It introduces a group of leading enterprises in cultural tourism project development, online tourism and other operational services; integrating the tourism resources of Haizhu to enrich its tourism culture; carrying out the construction of major tourism projects; and enhancing the level and scale of urban tourism development.

It takes advantage of the Canton Fair and other exhibitions, Cantonese cultural resources and waterfront advantages around the island; relying on important tourist attractions such as the Haizhu Wetland, Canton Tower, Huangpu Village and Party Pier; and developing high-end exhibition business tourism and leisure sightseeing tours, cultural experiences, yacht-based entertainment, urban fashion shopping tours and other boutique tourist routes with distinctive themes. The goal is to create a "Haizhu Island Tour" modern urban cultural leisure tourism brand.

2. Interactive Entertainment

The district concentrates on original content and technological applications and developing IPs, online films and television, 3D animations, online animations, TV games, VR games, performing arts and other forms of entertainment.

It focuses on developing the digital film and television and cultural IP production industries and strengthening cultural IP product creation, production, dissemination, derivative development and operation services.

It is also making full use of the ecological and cultural resources of Haizhu Wetland, Lingnan culture to strengthen the production of short films and to create products with distinctive characteristics.

Haizhu promotes the transformation and upgrading of industries such as film and television production, arts and crafts, cultural conventions and exhibitions, publishing, distribution and printing, and encouraging the integrated development of online and offline performances, entertainment and art.

3. Creative Design

The district encourages enterprises to increase investment in industry, architecture and fashion design, focusing on new energy vehicles, high-end ships and marine engineering equipment, rail transit equipment and yachts. The goal is to strengthen the appearance, structure, and functional design of products and key components and improve product quality, performance and added value.

It promotes the development of fashion design; taking design innovation capability as an important assessment indicator for constructing independent clothing brands; promoting the in-depth integration of design, corporate strategy and branding; and cultivating several clothing design innovation enterprises with international competitiveness.

4. Education Training

It fully utilizes the resource advantages of universities in Haizhu district with Sun Yat-sen University at the core and strenghtens cooperation with enterprises.

Using high-quality educational resources and focusing on the district's future industrial development direction, the university will develop education and training courses. These courses will include vocational education, continuing education and community education to provide talent guarantees and intellectual support for industrial development.

5. Sports Industry

It revitalizes public stadiums; strengthening the construction of sports infrastructure; organizing and introducing international, branded sporting events and major domestic ones; cultivating professional sports training institutions; and promoting the overall development of sports events, sports consumption, sports training, fitness and leisure. 

6. Bookstores

The district encourages the construction of bookstores at multifaceted cultural venues, incorporating functional formats such as libraries, shopping malls, catering, performances, training, cultural exhibitions and art purchases. 

Supporting the introduction of branded bookstores in large commercial centers, tourist attractions, transportation hubs and other areas, and encouraging the cross-border integration and development of bookstores, to create a distinctive cultural space through models such as "bookstore + design" and "bookstore + cultural creation".

Bookstores can use new technologies such as the Internet of Things to innovate business formats, promote digital upgrades and create a smart book city.

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