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Updated: Feb 08, 2021
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1. A central district in downtown Guangzhou attracts an expanding cluster of high-end resources

Haizhu District, ideally located to the south of the Pearl River and the southern extension of Guangzhou's new central axis, is an important district for Guangzhou to implement the strategy to develop both banks of the Pearl River into the city's economic, innovative and scenic belts and is becoming a crucial node of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao innovation corridor, a new gateway of opening-up, and an innovation hub of Guangzhou. It enjoys an increasingly strategically-important position. A backbone road network of "four horizontal lines and six vertical lines" in Haizhu District connects with comprehensive transport networks in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Within a one-hour drive Haizhu District is accessible by 50% of the population of the Greater Bay Area and 60% of the key manufacturing bases in the region. As a central district of downtown Guangzhou Haizhu District is expected to become a resource allocation hub in the Greater Bay Area, attracting clusters of high-end resources all over the world at an increasing speed and radiating innovation strongly over the region.

2. A host of China's biggest internet business headquarters fuels new development momentum

The Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Area offers a platform to sustain key development opportunities and strategies for the future in Haizhu District, providing key support to Guangzhou's development as a global tech innovation hub and tech engine of the "Golden Delta", which consists of the Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou International Financial Town and the Pazhou area. As a powerhouse of the Guangzhou economy, Haizhu's position as an innovation hub is increasingly recognized. Its Pazhou area already hosts regional headquarters for such companies as Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, iFLYTECH, and VIPS, and, as a prioritized choice of innovative internet businesses, has potential to realize revenue of hundreds of billions of yuan in the future. A group of rising stars, including Toutiao and Gdalpha, have settled down in Pazhou following the steps of the internet giants. Consequently, an innovation-oriented industry ecology centering on internet businesses is forming in Haizhu District.

3. A new opening-up pattern facilitated by enhanced function as a global convention center

Home to a global leading convention center – the Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center -- Haizhu District hosts the Canton Fair, which is known as China's First Exhibition, every year. In 2017, a total of 221 exhibitions and conventions were held there, 16 of which covered an area of more than 100,000 square meters. Total exhibition area that year was recorded as 9.69 million square meters, up by 11.1% from the previous year. With approval, Haizhu is preparing for the first "National Demonstration Zone for Building the Famous Exhibition Brand". In addition, it has been accredited as a Top 10 Regional Brand in the Services Sector in China. The Fortune Global Forum 2017 was successfully held here, attracting world-wide attention and increasing the district's global influence. Serving as an important window of economic and trade relations between China and the world, the exhibition and convention sector offers a key platform to showcase new technologies and products from China to the world, enhance clustering of global innovation resources, promote trade activities for Chinese businesses, and improve Chinese industries' global competitiveness.

4. Sustainable source of innovation supported by a cluster of national-level tech and innovation resource platforms

Haizhu District is home to Sun Yat-sen University, one of China's top schools, as well as nine national research entities such as the China Electronic Technology Group Corp and two research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Close to a hundred national tech research platforms active in cutting-edge fields such as new generation ICT, marine biology and smart manufacturing are based in Haizhu District, training a few hundred thousand high-level professionals every year. The district also offers strong software and hardware environments to facilitate development of innovation-driven development. In 2017, Haizhu founded nine national-level incubation spaces, gaining accreditation as a National Strong County in Intellectual Property Demonstration. Supported by clusters of national-level tech and innovation resource platforms and strong research-industry collaboration, Haizhu District will continue to attract high-end talents, leading technologies and innovative outcomes to fuel constant tech-driven industrial development.

5. Exceptional urban ecological environment featuring a river, lake, garden and woods for green attractiveness

Outlined by close to 50 kilometers of the Pearl River banks, Haizhu District takes up about two thirds of the "Golden Riverbank" in the city of Guangzhou. It is the only riverside area with both front and back courses of the Pearl River in Lingnan. Haizhu District also has a national-level wetland park three times the size of Central Park in New York City. In addition, it has a central wetland, which is rare for a metropolis in China. In the future, Haizhu District will continue to utilize outstanding biological resources along the banks of the Pearl River and in the Haizhu Wetland to build a modernized central park. Haizhu District's leading ecological environment will further attract high-end industries, projects and talents attracted by its friendly approach to the ecology, daily life, and the travel industry. 

6. Substantive elements of Lingnan culture to drive culture-industry integration

As a time-honored area of Guangzhou, Haizhu District boasts rich and integrated resources featuring Lingnan culture, marine history, contemporary industry, fashion and creativity and modern metropolitan life. The landmarks of Haizhu include ancient relics such as the starting point of the maritime Silk Road, or the Huangpu Ancient Port, Huangpu Village, the place of origin of the ancestral hall culture in Lingnan, and the Lingnan cultural relic Shixiang Garden, as well as more recent establishments such as the Sun Yat-sen University campus, the former site of Zhujiang Film Group, and Canton Tower and the "Four Museums One Garden" complex (under construction). An emerging trend towards integration of cultural elements with tourism and tech industries has driven development in Haizhu District. The Guangzhou International Media Port has been accredited as a National-level Advertising Park and the Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Industry Zone has become one of the first key industrial parks in Guangzhou. Based on its substantial cultural resources, Haizhu District is well-positioned as a center of new Lingnan culture with a city central axis, and will further drive accumulation and value of the its own and the city's industries.

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