Next-generation information technology

Updated: Feb 07, 2021
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With the Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Area as the base, Haizhu is bringing the demonstrating and driving effects of leading enterprises into full play to promote in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy.

An innovative industry ecosystem with "Internet +" as its core will be created to drive emerging industries and new economic development in Guangzhou. 

Mobile Internet

The development and application of key mobile Internet technologies will be strengthened to focus on the development of generic technologies such as mobile Internet security, application service platforms, and intelligent terminal software platforms.

The application of mobile Internet technology to e-commerce, new media, interactive entertainment, emerging finance, telemedicine and education will be promoted, and the integrated development of mobile Internet technology and applications will be realized to build an Internet industry chain that integrates networks, terminals, applications, and content and supports a mobile Internet innovation base with global influence.

Cloud computing and big data applications

The development of basic software such as cloud computing operating systems with independent intellectual property rights will be accelerated, a cloud computing center platform will be built, and the widespread application of cloud computing in information storage, processing and analysis will be realized.

The development of technological achievements such as core electronic devices and high-end universal chips and their integration with the cloud computing industry will be promoted.

A big data resource aggregation and analysis application platform will be built to carry out big data application demonstration construction, promote the rapid development of big data in government, commerce and people's livelihoods and to research big data's application in frontier technologies like artificial intelligence, smart business, virtual reality and augmented reality.

High-end software services

Enterprises will be encouraged to focus on the research and development of basic software such as smart terminal software and industry application software like voice recognition and visual recognition. The goal will be expansion of R&D of industry application solutions and technology integration solutions, and improvement of industry application software in manufacturing, finance, education, medicine and other fields.

Open Source Communities will be developed to improve functions such as Open Source Software Libraries, project hosting, code sharing and translation.

Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles 

Focus will be placed on researching network structure, interconnection and intercommunication of heterogeneous networks, inter-node communication and networking, data analysis and other technologies.

R&D will also be carried out in network software, embedded software, middleware software, IoT sensors as well as M2M application platforms, and a group of IoT operation and service enterprises with leading business models will be cultivated.

Research on IoV key technologies such as chip and sensor technology, positioning and perception technology, human-computer interaction technology, and IoV big data mining will be boosted to strengthen integration and matching of technologies such as vehicle perception, autonomous driving, IoV and IoT.

Besides, intelligent traffic perception systems will be developed to carry out demonstration and application of IoV technology.

Virtual and augmented reality

Breakthroughs will be made in a set of key technologies such as virtual and real fusion rendering, true 3D rendering, real-time positioning and registration, and human-friendly virtual reality technology to promote the demonstrable applications of virtual reality and augmented reality in medical, cultural, entertainment and other industries, and to form basic technical specifications of virtual reality and augmented reality in areas such as display, interaction, content and interfaces.

A new generation of information communication

The application and development of core technologies such as new computing, high-speed interconnection, advanced storage, and systematic security assurance will be strengthened, and R&D in key areas such as core routing and switching technology, ultra-high-speed and large-capacity intelligent optical transmission technology, and "future network" core technology and architecture will be supported.

High-precision Beidou satellite navigation chips, location services and other core technologies will be developed to comprehensively improve the performance, power consumption, cost and other indicators of Beidou navigation chips, and their integration with communications, computing, and sensing chips.

Industrial Internet

With the support of leading enterprises in industrial Internet like ROOTCLOUD, industrial, software, and Internet enterprises will be encouraged to partner to build industrial Internet platforms.

Related key industries such as transportation equipment and biomedicine, industrial equipment networking and data integration analysis, networked collaborative applications, personalized customized services and other model innovations will be encouraged to conduct pilot demonstrations of industrial Internet applications.

The development and application of industrial Internet security products will be accelerated to make breakthroughs in key technologies such as vulnerability detection, security protection, and security monitoring applicable to the industrial Internet, and to create platforms for industrial Internet security information sharing, monitoring and early warning, as well as offensive and defense drills.

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