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Updated: Feb 07, 2021
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The international influence of the China Import and Export Fair will be boosted to give full play to its role as an intermediary of global resource allocation and international exchange. Meanwhile, the connection between domestic and foreign resources will be improved to promote mutual openness and strengthen the international competitiveness of various industries.

High-end commercial facilities of important trade centers like the Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Area and Haizhu Innovation Bay will be completed to upgrade traditional business locations like Jiangnanxi, which will help to build Haizhu district into the core of Guangzhou's emergence as an international modern trading center.

International conferences

The Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference China, the Guangzhou 2016 Global Exhibition and Convention Roundtable Conference, the 2017 Fortune Global Forum and other international meetings were held here. The Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center will strive to be selected as a permanent venue of some authoritative annual international conferences.

The promotion of conferences through exhibitions will be encouraged. High-end industry forums and conferences will be held during large-scale professional exhibitions to spread the image of Haizhu district, attract industrial investment, and increase international influence.

Brand exhibitions

With the Pazhou Smart Business Circle as the core venue, a number of professional brand exhibitions related to regional economic development will be cultivated and more internationally renowned brand exhibitions will be introduced.

Focus will be on the development of professional exhibitions, high-tech product exhibitions, and featured consumption exhibitions. The Guangzhou Auto Show, China Expo, Guangzhou Fair, Guangzhou Wedding Expo and other branded exhibitions will continue to be opened to promote production.

These exhibitions will serve as platforms to transform the current professional market into a brand incubation center that integrates product display and transaction, fashion release and brand aggregation, cultivation, communication and promotion.

Digital exhibition

The development model of exhibitions will be innovated, the digitization and informatization of the exhibition industry will be promoted, and new technologies and formats of exhibitions will be developed.

The integrated application of three-dimensional virtual simulation and experience technology, online exhibition and interactive technology, and online collaboration innovation platforms will be strengthened.

New business formats such as virtual exhibition and online experience will be promoted. Online enterprises will also be encouraged to back up physical exhibitions to create a normalized communication and connection platform and refine exhibition services.


E-commerce industries such as electronics, cosmetics, baby products, medicine, clothing, snacks, games, consumer goods and bulk commodities will be developed.

Derivative e-commerce industries such as electronic payments, warehousing and logistics, security certification, and technology outsourcing will be encouraged to integrate with established e-commerce industries to improve e-commerce support services such as software development, online store construction, photo beautification, marketing promotion and agency operation.

High-end business

A number of smart business circles (areas) such as Pazhou will be built and metro commerce will be developed close to metro stations to improve high-end commercial services in the region.

Enterprises will be supported to make full use of big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet and other technologies to promote the transformation of large-scale brick-and-mortar stores into intelligent, experiential, themed malls offering comprehensive services and to create a new retail model integrating commodity, content and services.

Online and offline integration and innovation will be promoted, and the development of new retail formats such as unmanned restaurants, unmanned convenience stores, and experiential shopping malls will be explored.

The integrated development of "sharing economy and new retail" will be promoted to realize sharing of logistic resources including passenger, capital, commodity and information flow, and to improve the service level of offline consumption, experience, distribution and after-sales.

Service trade

Based on the Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Area, financial services, e-commerce, exhibitions and other headquarters functions will be developed, and a demonstration zone of service trade will be established.

The construction of the Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Industry Park and other service trade characteristic industrial function zones will be promoted, and a focus will be placed on cultivating cultural and creative services, scientific and technological services and other capital and technical advantages.

The export of new cultural services such as creativity and digital publishing will be promoted, and international exchanges and cooperation in related fields will be strengthened.

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