Riverside Gourmet Area of Taikoo Warehouse

Updated: Feb 03, 2021
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This riverside gourmet area boasts exhibitions, yachting, cinemas, restaurants, hotels and other facilities.

With the Taikoo Warehouse as the center, the gourmet area combines European cuisine and local specialties. You can taste the originally-packaged wine in the Taikoo Warehouse wine purchasing center. Two other restaurants are worth mentioning. One is the Taikoo Port Restaurant which mainly offers Cantonese banquet food such as Cantonese soup as well as steamed and festive dishes. The other one is the Nanyue Jiayan Restaurant. Reshaped from a 2-story factory plant, it specializes in authentic Lingnan cuisine, with Cantonese entrees, snacks and even shark fins.

Location: East Bank of Pearl River, Gexin Road

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