Guangzhou Salvage Bureau

Updated: Feb 03, 2021
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Guangzhou Salvage Bureau (China Ocean Engineering Corporation, Guangzhou Branch) is a national public institution directly under the Ministry of Transport. Since the establishment in 1974, it has made great achievements in the fields of emergency rescue and salvage at sea, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, ocean transportation and ship building, and has grown into a highly competitive integrated water construction design company.

As a national professional marine salvage team, Guangzhou Salvage has strong professional strength in rapid implementation of sea wreck salvage, port channel clearing and marine spilt oil recovery. Guangzhou Salvage is also strong in hydraulic and municipal engineering, and was the first company to master and apply the immersed tunnel method in China. It has successively completed the construction of dozens of immersed tunnels at home and abroad, and has built more than 50 wharfs, 16 breakwaters, more than 20km of water conservancy projects, more than 40 bridges, more than 3 million square meters of building construction projects, more than 50km of municipal roads, and more than 80km of municipal pipeline. Moreover, Guangzhou Salvage has been actively implementing the “Going Out” strategy, successively undertaking several hydraulic projects in the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Vietnam, and establishing branches in Colombo and Dubai.

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