Cantonese mooncake

Updated: Jan 26, 2021
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Often the first choice for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Cantonese mooncake has a thin skin, shiny appearance, golden color and delicate pattern. It has a soft texture and a light feel. The mooncake can be either salty or sweet and can contain lotus seeds, almonds, olive kernels, peach kernels, mung beans, sesame seeds, salted eggs, barbecued pork, roasted goose, mushrooms, sugared pork, sugared white gourd, dried shrimps, candied tangerine fruit, tangerine peels, lemon leaves, scallops, or other ingredients. 

A lot of restaurants such as Lin Heung Tea House, Guangzhou Restaurant, Panxi Restaurant, Taotaoju, and Quxiang Cake Shop offer Cantonese mooncakes. The ones produced by Taotaoju and Lin Heung Tea House are the most famous.

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